ABC Concerts
Real Music, Not Rules.


ABC Concerts are an experience for you and your baby. 



At each concert you will be taken on a rich, stimulating, engaging and fun journey through the world of music in an environment that is built around your needs, and those of your baby.
All of our concerts are open access, we also refer to ABC as All Access Baby Concerts. You are free to move around, feed, drink, walk, jump, clap, laugh, cry, shout, sing, roll or change a nappy .

At each concert music is brought to life by some amazing professional musicians. These concerts are not 'dumbed down'. Babies are known to concentrate fully on something that is engaging, fun and stimulating and ABC are all of those things. You baby wants to be fascinated, and ABC will fascinate them (and you) throughout. 
ABC brings incredible artists who present their favourite musical styles for you and your baby to enjoy.

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